2017 Tournament and Event Schedule

An Event Nearly Every Week

There are many tournaments and weekly events being held at Willowbrook Golf Club for 2017. Some of these are open to members as well as the general public. To learn more, please give us a call at 931-728-8989.
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Upcoming Tournaments and Events

To learn more about some of the tournaments or events below, please click on the link provided.

May 27 - 29: Memorial Day Weekend

June 3: S.P.H.S. Quarterback Club Scramble
June 5: Course closed for the Willowbrook Pro-Am Classic presented by VIAM, ResourceMFG, and FedEx
June 10: Warren County Lions Club 2-Man Scramble
June 17: WB Series Event 2 - 2-Man Triple Six benefiting the Kiwanis Club
June 21-22: SNEDS Junior Tour (Masters Division)

July 4: Independence Day
July 22: Cannon County Basketball Boosters Scramble
July 26 - 30: Willowbrook Member Club Championships

August 3: Ladies Invitational
August 21: WB Series Event 3 - Total Eclipse of the Sun Extravaganza
August 30: The Sundrop Golden Classic

September 2 - 4: Labor Day Weekend
September 15: Course closed in the morning for the Cubic Charity Event 
September 16: Red Raider Basketball Scramble
September 21: Middle Tennessee Association of Realtors Scramble
September 25 - 27: Course closed for the TSSAA State Tournament

October 2 - 4: Course closed for the TSSAA State Tournament
October 9 - 10: Course closed for the TSSAA State Tournament
October 14: WB Series Event 4 - Par 3 Challenge
October 28: Warren County High Softball Boosters

November 10: Veterans Play FREE
November 25: WB Series Event 5 - Turkey Skinner

December 9: WB Series Event 6 - Long John Open
Open 7 Days
a Week 
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To satisfy your hunger after a round of golf, visit Boskey’s Grille - our on-site, full-service restaurant! You can reach the grille at 931-723-7955.

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